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Mrs. M. Porkodi., B.Com., A.I.I.I., Development Officer with LIC of India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is holding Bachelor Degree in Commerce and she is a Associate of Insurance Institute of India ( A.I.I.I.). She joined LIC in 2003 and with her experience of 20 years in Insurance Industry, she guides her team Members to Earn More and Enhance their Status of Living. She is leading a Team of more than 70+ successful agents. She owns two websites www.licadyar.com and www.joinlicchennai.com for the betterment and quick co-ordination with her team and LIC Policy Holders. Success is the only benchmark of her. Mrs. M. Porkodi deserves full credit for developing such an enthusiasts & motivated team.

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” We Can Provide You The Excellent Career Opportunity With Commitment to Make Your Life Style Better “

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Guiding and supporting to enhance the Lifestyle of her Team Members to earn Additional Income through Insurance Profession With her 20 years of Experience, leading a Team of 70+ Agents.


To ensure & enhance the FINANCIAL Freedom of our Agents through LIC Agency Providing High Class Training and Necessary materials to shine in LIC Profession Customized Guidance and Individual Counselling to become a successful Financial Advisor

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Integrity & Transparency, Caring & Courtesy Initiative, Innovation with Lots of CREATIVITY.


Our Agents Testimonial

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

Mr. K. Elumalai LIC Agent, Chennai

Mrs. Porkodi - All in all a perfect ambassador for an LIC of India. I am happy to be an financial advisor. Mrs. Porkodi is very charm and enthusiastic person and good knowledge about the financial sector and friendly manner too.

Mrs. S. Shalini LIC Agent, Chennai

A sea of opportunities is what I term LIC. Being an LIC Advisor helps you to earn a handsome income (full time or part time). Porkodi Mam, very approachable and always helpful, has been my guide and pillar of support from the day one. A person who is always a call away for any doubts and advice. We as a team (supportive and encouraging) meet atleast once a month in person or via zoom to gain knowledge about products and improve our business.

Mr. P. Manigandan LIC Agent, Chennai

I am proud to be an Insurance agent of LIC of India under the leadership of Mrs. Porkodi, my D.O. I have taken up this as profession and made my livelihood. Opportunity comes to everyone and the same thing happened to me. I grab the opportunity and joined the most trusted brand organization LIC of India as LIC Agent

Mrs. T. Mariyammal LIC Agent, Chennai

LIC is the only organisation who takes care of the families needs, current or future in every sense. I am proud Agent of this esteemed organization. This is a business of choice and freedom. What adds further to our LIC Agency, is the attachment and membership with the creative group. The Dynamic group lead by our great Leader Mrs. Porkodi.